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Digital education


  • In research, IT experts find that most employees in companies do not have the appropriate digital skills. 
  • Did you know that 94% of respondents think that the lack of digital skills in their company is a big or moderate problem? 



Why can we help you with this?


Information and communication technology in an organization only makes sense when it MAKES IT EASIER to work and SHORTEN certain processes. In short, when it is helpful to the user.


We notice that companies often organize a general ICT course for their employees (eg Excel course), which is not adapted to the needs of the company or. individual employees, is not implemented in practice and therefore does not achieve the right effect.


What is the main goal of our workshops?


THE GOAL of our digital workshops is that employees use the digital tools available to us to OPTIMIZE their work processes or. specific work tasks. This shortens the time they will now devote to performing other tasks.


HR directors say that the most valuable for a company are those who know how to upgrade their expertise by using modern ICT tools. We want to help HR directors with this.


Example: Accountant Marija is 48 years old. Although she is no longer the youngest, she still has a long career ahead of her. She will be able to transfer the knowledge she acquired at the Excel workshop to her work only if she is shown the useful value of digital technology in education and learns how to digitize a specific work task that she has done "manually".


Conducting workshops


The training is focused on performing concrete practical examples that employees encounter on a daily basis when working with information and communication technology.


We have at our disposal: 

  • shorter, from 6 to 12 hours in which employees discuss the selected work task or more,
  • longer, up to 25 hours or more, in which employees learn to solve several practical examples from their work process.


Choose a workshop


Program Osnovna raba racunalnika

Structured andragogy course

Digital Marketing for Educators & Trainers
Spletna komunikacijska orodja

Online communication tools

Remote communication - how and why
Program Osnovna raba racunalnika

Basic computer use

Getting started with your computer
Excel v poslovni rabi

Excel in business use

Solve business problems with the help of Excel
Googlove storitve

Google services

Concrete business and everyday solutions with the help of Google applications
Spletna varnost

Online security

Online abuse and how to protect yourself from them
Ucinkovita raba pametnega telefona

Efficient use of your smartphone

Smartphone - what about a smart user
Financna pismenost

Financial literacy

To avoid wasting your money unnecessarily
Program pisarniški paket

Basic office suite

Speak with the help of office tools
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