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Learning Slovene language

The Breakthrough Level Exam
In cooperation with the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Languag (Department of Slovene Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana) izvajamo izpite iz znanja slovenščine na vstopni ravni.
The Basic Level Exam (A2-B1)
The exams are intended for all those who need a publicly valid certificate of Slovene knowledge for official purposes (for example for work, for acquiring Slovene citizenship).
Initial integration of immigrants programme
We offer self-payers the opportunity to join 60-, 120- or 180-hour publicly valid program. The course is free for all those who obtain a paper at the administrative unit where you have registered permanently or temporary residence.
Slovenian course
Publicly valid program Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language is intended for immigrants over the age of 16 who would like to learn Slovene for the needs of everyday life, work and social life.
Tečaji slovenskega jezika za osebe s priznano mednarodno zaščito
The program is intended for learning the Slovene language and promoting mutual knowledge and understanding between third-country nationals and Slovene citizens.
Priprave na izpit iz slovenščine
During the preparations, the participants are informed about the method of obtaining a publicly valid document, are acquainted with the typology of tasks on the exam and the method of conducting the exam.
Slovene language courses for parents
Free program is intended for parents of kindergarten children or primary school pupils in city of Ljubljana, who in everyday life encounter problems with expression in Slovene language.
Slovene language course for applicants for international protection
Free program is intended for the literacy of applicants for international protection whose first language is not Slovene, in order to facilitate their inclusion in primary school for adults or other appropriate education.


In our language school, we operate in accordance with the principles of equality and inclusion of all in society. We successfully recognize the diversity of participants and are aware that identifying and following their diverse needs are important sources of innovation and joint development. Diversity in society has always been a source of progress and development.


You can read more about the Diversity Charter Slovenia, to which Cene Štupar - CILJ is also a signatory


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Do you think these are really the three foundations of integration into Slovenian society?​


  1. At least basic knowledge of the Slovenian language.
  2. Openness of spirit.
  3. Desire to accept the new and to integrate.


It is really very difficult to join a Slovene-speaking society if you do not know Slovene. The first step towards integration is therefore to show your willingness to want to understand and communicate with your surroundings. If you are at the beginning, you can help yourself in part with English, but know that not all people in Slovenia speak English. First, you can study on your own, as a self-taught person, or take a language course.


We offer many pathways to knowledge of Slovene and other foreign languages ​​to all those who want new knowledge. We invite you to take advantage of the rich offer of free courses for you, conducted by accessible and professional teachers who take care of their continuous professional development and use modern didactic methods in teaching.


Vsem željnim novega znanja ponujamo številne poti do znanja slovenščine in drugih tujih jezikov. Vabimo vas, da izkoristite bogato ponudbo za vas brezplačnih tečajev, ki jih izvajajo dostopni in strokovni učitelji, ki skrbijo za svoj stalni profesionalni razvoj in pri poučevanju uporabljajo sodobne didaktične metode.


Ob vpisu vam ponujamo tudi brezplačno svetovanje in vrednotenje znanja s pripravo individualnega izobraževalnega načrta.


Upon enrollment, we also offer free counseling and knowledge evaluation by preparing an individual educational plan.


Opremite se z znanjem slovenščine, da se bo slišal tudi vaš glas.




Enrollment office

M: +386 1 234 44 00








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